Our philosophy

Each client is unique

Well aware that our clients have their own needs and constraints, our team offers tailor-made advices, adapted to each situation. This is true both for the solutions we propose and for the relationships that our team maintains with our clients.
Therefore, we always aim at considering the following aspects when giving our advice:

  • The peculiarities of the specific market and the progress of our client’s project,
  • Our clients’ short, medium and long term objectives,
  • The cost/protection ratio.

Cost control and transparency

There is nothing less pleasant than unexpected expenses. In order to keep our clients informed about the costs incurred by our intervention, we endeavor to implement fixed price invoicing.

Whenever hourly rate tariffs are applied, we aim at indicating all the predictable costs associated to an action in advance.

Long term view oriented solutions

A short term solution might not always be the most efficient option on a long term perspective. When setting up a strategy (whether for filings or litigations cases), we always consider eventual long-term consequences along with our clients’ possibility to adapt their situations to future evolutions and new surroundings.

This might mean obtaining and defending the broadest possible protection for our clients in order to safeguard their competitive edge in the marketplace. In other circumstances, it may be strategically wiser to find a solution that is acceptable for the parties at stake, rather than to excessively take advantage of a possibly strong position. Indeed, with discussions between parties, anticipatory actions and settlements, we could avoid a recurring conflicting situation and reach a long and peaceful coexistence instead.