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Management Team

  • Didier Lecomte

    Didier Lecomte

    FR, EN, DE


    Didier Lecomte

    Founding partner

    European Patent Attorney
    Luxembourg IP Attorney (Conseil en Propriété Industrielle)
    European and Benelux Trademark and Design Attorney
    Belgian IP attorney
    Mechanical and electrical engineer
    Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP)

    Didier has a master in mechanical and electrical engineering of the University of Liège (Belgium). He has also specialized in applied thermodynamics during one year at the University of Aachen (Germany).

    He has then worked seven years as patent examiner at the European Patent Office in Munich, carrying out prior art searches, examining patent applications, oppositions and chairing oral proceedings.

    Didier has then joined a private practice in 2005 to eventually found his own firm in 2007. He has also specialized in trademark and design registration. He is European Patent Attorney, European and Benelux Trademark Attorney and authorized representative at the Luxembourg Patent Office and the Belgium Patent Office.

    His field of activities covers all IP matters, including the drafting of patent applications, preparing replies to examination report, prosecuting oppositions, carrying out prior art searches and IP counseling. He regularly lectures on various IP topics.

    Didier has been awarded in 2019 the QPIP certification (Qualified Patent Information Professional) acknowledging his ability to correctly perform patent searches (prior art searches, freedom to operate, opposition/invalidation searches…) and to properly analyse the results of searches.

    His mother tongue is French and he speaks fluently English and German. He is member of FICPI, AIPPI and EPI (member of Patent Qualification Committee).

Patent engineers / attorneys

  • Georges Machtalère

    Georges Machtalère

    FR, EN, RU


    Georges Machtalère

    Patent Attorney of counsel

    PhD in Chemistry
    French & Luxembourg Patent Attorney
    European Patent Attorney

    Georges Machtalère holds a PhD in Chemistry and is French & Luxembourg Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney.

    He is specialized in patent prosecution and litigation suits before EPO and Courts, in the fields of Chemistry.

    After a long period in Search teams dealing with industrial chemical topics, he joined, since 2001, various private practice offices in Paris and also spent several years abroad in a private law office in Luxembourg and in a Belgian Industrial Company. He joined L&P in 2019, and he now works as a freelance a Patent Attorney of counsel for L&P since January 2023.

    His mother tongue is French and he speaks fluently English and Russian.

  • Amine Afa

    Amine Afa

    FR, EN, AR, DE


    Amine Afa

    Patent Engineer

    Industrial Engineer (Arts & Métiers ParisTech)

    Amine graduated with a Master’s degree in engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (France) in 2021, and has concomitantly completed a three-year apprenticeship program at a major German automotive supplier.

    He joined Lecomte & Partners in 2021. His main areas of work include drafting patent applications and performing prior art searches. He is also involved in the prosecution of patent applications and oppositions.

    His native language is French and he is fluent in English and Arabic. He has some knowledge of German.

Trademarks and Design Lawyers / Attorneys

  • Mélanie Pellissard

    Mélanie Pellissard

    FR, EN


    Mélanie Pellissard

    Intellectual Property Lawyer

    European Trademark and Design Attorney
    Luxembourg IP Attorney (Conseil en Propriété Industrielle)
    Intellectual Property Lawyer

    Mélanie is an Intellectual Property Lawyer. She graduated from the University of Lyon 3. She owns a master degree in Intellectual Property Law. Within the framework of her studies, she studied one year in Stockholm.

    After working in other firms of patent and trademark attorneys since 2012, she joined Lecomte & Partners in 2015.

    Her activities are mainly directed to trademark issues (availability search, oppositions, preparation, filing and prosecution of applications, coexistence agreements, etc), designs rights, drafting and negotiating contracts relating to Intellectual Property, and issues in relation to Domain Names.

    Her mother tongue is French and she speaks fluently English.


  • Tania Bohler

    Tania Bohler

    IT, LU, FR, DE, EN


    Tania Bohler


    Patents, trademarks, designs

    Tania is administrative assistant for all IP procedural aspects, i.e. essentially for patents, trademarks and designs. She has over 18 years of experience as secretary and paralegal in an international private practice.

    She monitors the prosecution of all applications and the related time limits, including the annuities and renewals. She deals also with all related kinds of secretary and paralegal work.

    Her mother tongue is Italian and she speaks fluently Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

  • Alexandru-Iulian Petcu

    Alexandru-Iulian Petcu

    RO, EN, FR, ES


    Alexandru-Iulian Petcu


    Patents, Designs, Trademarks

    Alex is a graduate of Law and Economics with over 10 years’ experience in the legal field. After working for 5 years in Intellectual Property at an International IP Service provider, Alex joined Lecomte & Partners in November 2021. He is in charge of the administrative work related to patents, trademarks and designs. He handles the communication with our clients and foreign associates, monitors the prosecution of all applications and the related time limits, payment of the annuities and renewals, files recordal of changes and validations of European patents. His mother tongue is Romanian and he speaks fluently English. He also has a basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

  • Marco Silva de Castro

    Marco Silva de Castro

    LU, PT, DE, FR, EN, ES

    +352 24839438

    Marco Silva de Castro


    Patents, Designs, Trademarks

    Marco graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in private law, economics & management from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Montpellier in 2020. After acquiring experience in compliance, Marco joined Lecomte & Partners in December 2022.

    He is mainly in charge of filing new applications and extensions, monitoring prosecution of all applications and related time limits. He also handles other relevant paralegal and secretary work. His mother tongues are Luxembourgish and Portuguese, and he speaks fluently English, German, French and Spanish.

  • Humay Eminli

    Humay Eminli

    EN, FR, AZ, RU, TR, DE

    +352 248394-1

    Humay Eminli


    Trademarks, Designs, Patents

    Humay Eminli holds bachelor's degree in Law and master's degree in International Business Law, and has an experience in contract and business law. Prior to joining Lecomte and Partners in May 2023, she worked in a law firm specializing in arbitration and litigation. She also has previously worked on legal projects with international organizations such as the United Nations Migration Agency and the Council of Europe.

    Her mother tongue is Azerbaijani, and she speaks fluently English, French, Russian, and Turkish. She also has limited proficiency in German.